Jun 2, 2011

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Because the Kids Don’t Play

99 Sudbury was the Hot spot for the second week in a Row. After Going to Hermann and Audrey’s Amazing photography exhibit opener for Contact 2011, I was looking forward for another dope event.
Bryan Espiritu is a Toronto Based writter and Designer, And a member of The Legends League had his solo Exhibit entitled “Because The Kids Don’t Play.” “This collection of Whollys is based on the loss of innocence. It’s based on our neglect for the children around us, and how many of my generations childhood experiences so differ from those of the youth growing up today. I wanted to take the most recognizable children’s icons and create awkward, intriguing, and somewhat disturbing juxtapositions to a poem that I wrote to accompany the set,” Bryan explains. The poem goes as followed:

  1. Funny story…. I actually bought and own the Donald Duck painting at the top of this post!


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