The Artist’s Speak Back! – The War on Graffiti T.O.

Sep 1, 2011

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I’ve been following this story for a while now. I can’t believe some of the comments and actions by our Mayor towards Street Art (Graffiti) in Toronto. This video does a great job of explaining whats really going on this city.  For the first time I got to hear what other Artist have to say on this topic. check it out!

Video by Char loro, Dylan McFadyen, Eric Kupp.


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Moving With The Times

Jun 22, 2011

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An unknown artist,(dubbed as the Banksy of Bulgaria) transformed a monument of Russian Red Army soldiers into popular characters and superheroes. On the wall below the characters, the graffiti artist has sprayed “Moving with the times” in Bulgarian with black paint.

Twenty years ago you would have been shot for stepping too close to this monument in the city of Sofia in Bulgaria. However, This monument has been the canvas for many graffiti artist over the past 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, but know one has seen or imagined anything like this.

A member of the Bulgarian Socialist Party is shown cleaning the statue in February 2010 below.

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Because the Kids Don’t Play

Jun 2, 2011

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99 Sudbury was the Hot spot for the second week in a Row. After Going to Hermann and Audrey’s Amazing photography exhibit opener for Contact 2011, I was looking forward for another dope event.
Bryan Espiritu is a Toronto Based writter and Designer, And a member of The Legends League had his solo Exhibit entitled “Because The Kids Don’t Play.” “This collection of Whollys is based on the loss of innocence. It’s based on our neglect for the children around us, and how many of my generations childhood experiences so differ from those of the youth growing up today. I wanted to take the most recognizable children’s icons and create awkward, intriguing, and somewhat disturbing juxtapositions to a poem that I wrote to accompany the set,” Bryan explains. The poem goes as followed:

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Art Battle @ The Varley Gallery

Feb 8, 2011

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An Art Battle? Who knew. Well they do exist and have been around for the past two years. The Varley Gallery  (located in Unionville) recently hosted one of the largest Art Battle’s to date. 32 Artist, one title.  During a live showcasing 32 painters are split up to paint in two rounds (16 painters each round). They have 20 minutes to create a piece from a blank piece of canvass. After each round the audience chooses their two best paintings from each round. The final four painters (two from each round) advance to the final round. The audience chooses their favorite piece to determine the winner.

For more information check out

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If Hip Hop Had A Face

Nov 23, 2010

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About Face Artist Collective recently showcased art exhibit If Hip Hop Had A Face: A Portrait Experience.
Paintings from Artist Kwame Delfish, Georgia Fullterton, Peterson Joseph , among various other artist, filled the top floor of the Proper Reserve Clothing Store.  The representation of  Hip Hop through various pieces of Art, accented with music by DJ Sean Sax  mixed with the laid back vibe of the location, made the exhibit a great success.

Prior to the event, I hoped at least one of the several artist would “think out of the box” and take the time to truly represent the face of Hip Hop. Since, we all know (or should know) that Hip Hop is more than just music and entertainers. Hip Hop is truly a culture of people, places and things. I was convinced I would see at least one Biggie, Tupac, Run DMC or even Jay Z in the collection (they are all arguably great representations of the Hip Hop Culture) but I hoped to see something beyond the obvious. Surprisingly, I did.

Artist Georgia Fullerton
CLOSER TO THE SOURCE:  a simple portrait of a woman intensely occupied with her thoughts.

“In this painting I express how style and fashion in Hip-Hop Culture is never the book cover that we judge.”

Artist Kwame Delfish
RUSSELL SIMMONS: from Krush Grooves to Yoga Moves.

“Uncle Russ, the Dali Lama of the Hip Hop Movement known not just for his spirituality but for his dedication to teaching and empowering other’s. His contribution to the Hip Hop Culture continues to be unmatched as he is always looking for new ways of taking Hip Hop to higher heights……not just the face of Hip Hop but the face of change.”

Artist Peterson Joseph
HIP HOP DEITY:  She Is Hip Hop

Peterson Joseph

“Inspired by the Goddess of knowledge, music & art, Saraswati exudes the four elements of music: mind, alertness, ego, intellect.  Her stories are real, gritty, painful & triumphant. They tell of her trials, tribulations, failures and successes. Representing the universal, divine and true knowledge with confidence she channels every emotion and feeling into the heart and soul of music. She is strong. She is powerful. She is Hip Hop.”

Proper Reserve Clothing Store

Music By DJ Sean Sax.


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