Today Matters

Apr 26, 2017

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I love to read. I mean, cuddled up with a good hardcover book on a quiet day with absolutely no distractions what-so-ever kind of reading. With my hectic schedule, I don’t often get time to sit and read the way I used to. Don’t get me wrong I read other blogs, watch videos, podcasts and read an e-book or two. But gone are the days, where I have an entire weekend to finish a book from start to finish.

I remember as a child refusing to go to bed because I just had to finish “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.” Okay, maybe I’m dating myself with the Judy Blume series but my point is, I have always enjoyed a good book, whether it be for personal development, educational purposes or for pure pleasure.

Today’s recommendation: Today Matters, by John C. Maxwell

Topic: Motivational, Personal Development

Why read it: Because today really does matter (insert corny joke). Honestly, it’s a realistic approach to understanding what matters today to allow for success tomorrow and gives you 12 simple practices to guarantee that success.  My son was gifted with this book after he participated in a Toastmasters public speaking workshop. I asked (okay forced) him to read at least 10 pages each day. His personal review, “It showed me how to be more positive.”


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Weekly Wisdom: Opportunities

Nov 1, 2016

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Weekly Wisdom: Life

Oct 5, 2016

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Often life forces you to go with the flow and have faith that everything will work out the right way, at just the right time.  Unfortunately, we aren’t given a set of instructions to teach us how to maneuver through this crazy world. So, all we can do is learn as we go and give up a tiny bit of control to let life lead the way, even for a little while.


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Weekly Wisdom: Closure

Sep 9, 2016

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Closure = Freedom

Relationships are hard, even when they do work. But when a friendship comes to an end (for whatever reason) having the proper closure is the last thing on your mind. Often, people tend to go their separate ways, move on and  “get over it” over time. But there’s a FREEDOM in speaking your truth and clearing the air, when all is said and done.

It can change your life forever.


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