H(er) O(pen) T(ruth)

As women, we often let people’s opinions of us define who we are throughout our young adult lives right into women-hood. Labels have shaped how we are accepted or not accepted by others and simultaneously determine how we accept or not accept ourselves as individuals.  As so many women, like me, are pressured to fit into society’s standards of  beauty, success and intellect, the IAMWHATSHOT (IAWH) brand chooses to look beyond the surface of all women and connect with those who are genuinely inspired to affect change through what they do.

We aim to build a community of women who will redefine society’s definition of #IAMWHATSHOT and encourage the confidence to share (H)er (O)pen (T)ruth.



We are caregivers, hairdressers, stay at home moms, single women, sisters, young mothers, artists, teachers,  educators of life, single mothers, mentors or entrepreneurs.

We are many things to many people.




  • are from all walks of life, are different shapes and sizes
  • embrace their flaws, finds strength through weaknesses and have a unique story to tell
  • conquers failures and celebrates their successes in everything that they do



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