A Small Space Inspired by Solange

May 1, 2016

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I’m in the process of lightening up my humble abode, I’m trying to add more colour throughout my space. I’m not one for too many pieces of furniture, the less the better. I don’t exactly mean I want to sleep on the floor but too much of anything….even home décor, can be a bit too much.

While searching for some inspiration, I stumbled upon a simple but vibrant layout that belonged to style maven, Solange Knowles. Her Brooklyn home (back in 2012) got my wheels turning for my own small space. I love the mixture of bright colours and print mixed with wood accents.

Over the years Solange has finally come into her own. It’s apparent that her sense of style and embracing her natural beauty has influenced her stylish pad – even way back then.

What will lighten up your home? Prints, solids or both?

Photo Courtesy: Beautyisdiverse

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What Time Is It? Bulova Time!

Mar 1, 2016

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What time is it? Bulova time! Bulova recently launched their latest spring collection from their Caravelle line and guess who got an up close and personal sneak peek of the watches? Me!

Just received these babies (fresh outta the box) and I’m loving the pastel pink colour with a whole lotta bling!  As luck would have it, I’m in desperate need of a good quality watch. Pulling out my cell phone to check the time, isn’t as cool as it use to be. Thanks to my iPhone I’ve been less and less inclined to wear a watch. But lately, a really cool looking classic piece (like their Rose Quartz women’s watch) is the perfect finishing touch to any everyday look.

Telling time the Caravelle way may set you back a few dollars but I guess being in business since 1875, says something for the brand.





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G-Star Raw Denim Toronto

May 5, 2012

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Thanks to Essential Homme magazine, I was invited to the opening of the first G-Star clothing store in Toronto. The private opening played host to some of  Canada’s well know music artist, sports and film industry professionals.  Guests included; singer Kreesha Turner, Rapper J Diggz, Down With Webster, MuchMusic hosts Jesse Giddings and Liz Trinnear, actor Daniel Desanto, Lee Rumohr, Samantha Munro and hockey players Jay Rosehill and Joey Crabb.  The intimate well stocked 3800 square foot space fit perfectly on Queen Street. Signature G-Star Raw Denim Jeans aligned the store walls, while perfectly selected women’s jackets & jumpers filled the floor space.  My personal favourite; the Correct Line NY Griff Suit (shown below).

It was a great evening filled with music, drinks and some friends. The G-Star Toronto store opening (328 Queen Street West) didn’t disappoint. Don’t forget to visit the only G Star Toronto location.






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Photographer Javier Lovera Shoots for Plaid Magazine

Oct 16, 2011

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One of the many perks of running this blog, is that I’m lucky enough to view the works of some of Canadian’s well known photographers. I stopped by creative agency Hermann & Audrey on Friday and Photographer Javier Lovera recently did a shoot for beauty magazine Plaid Magazine.   At first glance I thought he had the poor girl (Sutherland Model Heidi Dyck) sticking her head through a makeshift white wall. Of course I was wayyyy off…the effect uses a material called foam core. like I said he’s the creative mind….not I.  Good Sunday visuals, enjoy!

a couple of my favourite spreads from a beauty story I shot with hair and makeup artist Dee Daly (Judy Inc) and Heidi Dyck (Sutherland Models).  Heidi was so patient during this session. I had her face sticking out and through pieces of foam core, which were cut to measure and were quite restrictive and someone might say a bit claustrophobic. Dee and her fully trusted me, which is important to me. I find this trust liberating.      Javier Lovier


See Hermann & Audrey  2011 Contact Exhibit.

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